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Desserts for Everyone

Freeing Sweets was created out of a necessity and a desire for the ultimate deliciousness in plant based and gluten-free desserts. One day, JoAnn an avid cheesecake lover, was craving cheesecake but knew with her severe dairy and gluten intolerances her options were slim to none.

On a mission, JoAnn decided to create a cheesecake that would comply with her dietary restrictions and appeal to anyone who simply loves cheesecake. That determination set her out to find the perfect ingredients to develop The Best F*ing Cheesecake Ever! in 2018. Since then, her vision of plant based and gluten-free desserts has expanded to include signature items such as cookies, tarts, pies, chocolate bars and so many more favorites. In doing so, she has revolutionized the dairy and gluten-free dessert pallets forever!

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JoAnn Fakhouri, Founder/Creator

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