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Cheesecakes for Everyone

Our Story...


The Best F*ing Cheesecake Ever!™ was created out of a necessity and a desire for a truly yummy cheesecake. 


One day, JoAnn an avid cheesecake lover, was craving cheesecake but knew with her severe dairy and gluten intolerance her options were slim to none. 


On a mission, JoAnn decided she will create a cheesecake that will comply with dietary restrictions and still appeal to anyone who simply loves cheesecake.    


Determined, she set out to find the perfect ingredients to develop The Best F*ing Cheesecake Ever!™ 


By doing so, she significantly revolutionized the dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan cheesecake lover’s pallet forever!!!


JoAnn Fakhouri, Founder/Creator

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